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Integrated strategy, planning
and execution
for upstream oil & gas

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Strategy & Portfolio

Develop strategic insights to achieve goals, increase value and minimize downside exposure


Business Planning

Make faster, more effective business decisions, based on data you can trust

Asset Development

Make the most competitive & cost effective decisions at every stage of asset development


Take ownership of your capital budget, and always know where you stand

Petroleum Economics

Petroleum Economics and Integrated Business Planning, together in a single solution

Strategic Consulting

A world-class consulting group with the mission of supporting upstream decision makers on their most important decisions

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Portfolio Optimization & Uncertainty Analysis

Improve Strategic Decision Making

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Slide backgroundesi manage enersight logo esi.manage 3esi 3esi-Enersight oil & gas softwareesi charts data monitor computer 3esi enersight em expenditures produciton

Better Decisions
Based On Data You Can Trust

Integrated Business
Planning & Economics

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Integrated Asset Development Software

Rigorous Evaluation
Right Decisions To Reach Asset Goals

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Integrated Capital Management

Making More Informed
& Effective Decisions