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Wayne Sim

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Wayne is a technical visionary and successful business owner with over twenty-five years of experience in bringing innovative commercial software solutions to industry.

As CEO of 3esi-Enersight, Wayne provides visionary leadership and sets strategic direction toward the achievement of the organization’s mission and business strategy. He manages investor relations, strategic planning and corporate development. While overseeing mergers, acquisitions and alliances, he also represents 3esi-Enersight with its major customers.

As one of the Principals of Hyprotech Ltd. Wayne successfully grew Hyprotech into a leading world supplier of process simulation software and services solutions. Hyprotech became the 10th largest software company in Canada in revenue and number one in profit.

Following the acquisition of Hyprotech Ltd. by Aspen Technology, Wayne held several key roles on the executive team including that of Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President of World Wide Sales.