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Watch our latest webinar:
Better Type Wells for Better Decisions

January 11th, 2018

Watch Our Latest Webinar: Better Evaluations in Less Time

About the Webinar: Better Evaluations in Less Time

An Inside Look at Val Nav, the Industry’s Most Powerful Reserves and Evaluation Software

Too much time and money are spent forecasting production to the detriment of analysis and execution. We estimate that more than eighty percent of evaluation time is allocated to obtaining forecasts.

But a forecast is only useful if it is right. Forecasting has evolved in terms of incorporating flow regimes, understanding how completions can impact long-term performance and knowing how to construct and use a type well to avoid intolerable errors common to old technology.

Modern reserves and evaluation software are now designed to complete your evaluations faster, with less man time. Also, modern software companies undertake their own research to keep you ahead of the competition.

In the latest 3esi-Enersight webinar, SPE Distinguished Lecturer Randy Freeborn discussed how enlightened engineers are running more powerful and more accurate evaluations….in less time. He demonstrated functionality to create and adjust forecasts in mere seconds and he discussed appropriate methods for constructing type wells. Also, you will see Randy cover other functionality to streamline your work.

Past Webinars

About the Webinar: Integrated Planning and Reserves Management

3esi-Enersight has recently acquired Energy Navigator, the leading provider of reserves management and AFE readiness workflow solutions for the oil and gas industry. We are proud to answer a need that many of our clients have already expressed – integration of planning, reserves, and capital management workflows into their strategic business planning process. 

In the latest 3esi-Enersight webinar, “The Value of Integrated Upstream Planning & Reserves Management,” we will explore how the integration of planning and reserves data and workflows leads to better, more informed business decisions.

Presented by Duncan McDonald, VP, Planning Products with 3esi-Enersight, this 30-minute webinar will look at this complex problem first hand and see how this disconnect of data and workflows could be hindering upstream operator’s efforts to drive shareholder value. And finally, we will discuss how the integration of planning and reserves can provide a unified view of a company’s assets, leading to increased efficiency and more informed decisions.

About the Webinar: Probabilistic Modelling – Asset Development Evaluation on Multi-Dimensional Goals

An expanded version of the SPE presentation in the Petroleum Economics Workshop in April 2017.

In the latest 3esi-Enersight webinar, “Probabilistic Modelling – Asset Development Evaluation on Multi-Dimensional Goals,” we will explore how to quickly and easily view data in different ways to answer questions around conflicting demands, leading to an increased quality of investment decisions.

Using an integrated model and automated data flow, you can unlock the potential of multi-dimensional evaluation processes on your asset plans by reducing the time managing data – giving you time to analyse your stochastic simulation results within advanced visualization tools and thus enabling companies to make better decisions when comparing and choosing among investment opportunities that are fundamentally different particularly within an economically constrained or challenged environment.

Presented by Mark D’Arcy, Solution Architect with 3esi-Enersight, this 40-minute webinar will go over a sample case, and show how E&P companies can:

  • Contrast the likelihood of achieving production and cashflow goals with different decisions
  • Quickly get realizable production, capex, and economic ranges, and determine which variables impact these outcomes the most
  • Compare production with NPV, and determine how linked or unlinked it may actually be

About the Webinar: Excel Economics for Enterprise Petroleum Planning

Can spreadsheets and enterprise systems co-exist – and how can you optimize the use of both? Enterprise systems for upstream planning come with many benefits, making workflows smoother and easier. However, it is undeniable that the commercial applications have yet to completely replace the well known incumbent – Microsoft Excel.

In the latest 3esi-Enersight webinar, “Embracing Excel™ Economics for Enterprise Planning,” we will explore how combining the positive aspects of both Excel and enterprise systems allow you to achieve the best of both worlds: flexibility and readability of Excel models, and the security and robustness of an enterprise system.

Presented by Wayne Keinick, Product Manager of Business Planning solutions with 3esi-Enersight, this 20-minute webinar will also discuss:

  • The pros and cons of both Excel and enterprise systems
  • Incorporating multiple fiscal models
  • Considerations when bringing enterprise and Excel together

About the Webinar: Capital Mangement Done Right: The Impact of Integrated Workflows for Upstream Execution

Are you maximizing the potential of your capital management plans?
Watch the 3esi-Enersight webinar – “Capital Management Done Right: The Impact of Integrated Workflows for Upstream Execution”.

During this 30-minute presentation, we will explore the roadblocks companies are facing during in-year capital management and the impact of integrated workflows on improving efficiency in execution.

Duncan McDonald, Product Manager of Capital Management solutions with 3esi-Enersight, will also discuss the benefits of a dedicated, integrated in-year capital management solution for today’s upstream oil and gas companies.

About the Webinar: 5 Critical Best Practices for 21st Century E&P Planning

What does a 21st Century Oil and Gas Business Plan look like?

In the 3esi-Enersight webinar “21st Century Business Planning” we explore what is required today to build relevant, achievable and defensible petroleum business plans that are aligned with your business priorities.

During this 30 minute webinar, Wayne Keinick, Product Manager of Business Planning solutions with 3esi-Enersight, will discuss the 5 best practices that separate 21st-century oil and gas business plans from the plans of the past.