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3esi acquires Aralan Solutions Inc.

Calgary, Alberta — November 15, 2005 3esi announced today that it has acquired Aralan Solutions Inc., a provider of capital and portfolio risk management solutions. Aralan owns and produces the E&P software products RAPT and PetroARA. 3esi’s goal is to deliver an enterprise solution to support E&P industry business processes, allowing the companies to: Continuously… Read more →

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3esi and Pandell Sign Strategic Technology Partnership

Calgary, Alberta — November 1, 2005 3esi, a world-class enterprise solutions provider to the Exploration and Production industry, today announced the signing of a Strategic Technology Partnership with Pandell Technology Corporation of Calgary, AB. 3esi’s goal is to deliver an enterprise solution that supports industry business processes allowing companies to: Continuously Evaluate the Portfolio of… Read more →