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OGX selects esi.manage™ to Improve its Planning Processes

Calgary, Alberta — August 10, 2009

OGX has established itself as the largest Brazilian Oil and Natural Gas Company in the private sector through a diversified portfolio of high potential exploration blocks. OGX has licensed esi.manage™ to help with its portfolio analysis and to optimize its Long Term Planning and annual Capital Management Processes.

“OGX recognized that with a good platform such as esi.manage seems to be, we will be able to forecast all of our corporate goals in one, easy to use solution. The improved visibility and increased efficiency will allow us to iterate and analyze more often allowing internal resources to be redirected and focused on adding more value to our company.” said Mrs. Lilia Provenzano, OGX Planning Manager.

“We are extremely proud to have one of Brazils leading Oil & Gas companies committed to using our solution. We share a common vision for how Planning and Budgeting can be done more effectively and efficiently.” said Joao de Deus, Managing Director, 3esi Latin America.

With esi.manage, E&P companies can:

Manage opportunities and operational goals through improved planning, tracking and forecasting of Capex, Production, Opex and Reserve Additions at project and program levels, across teams, departments or the entire business.

  • Increase the efficiency, accuracy and frequency of forecasts and variance reports, while decreasing the time and effort required creating and maintaining them.
  • Run discounted Cash Flow and Economic Metric Analysis in a single interactive environ- ment designed to provide a better understanding of projects and how they compare against one another.
  • For more information about this product or any other offerings from 3esi, please contact us today at sales@3esi.com. Let us show you how esi.manage will become an invaluable tool for your organization.

About 3esi

3esi inc. is an international E&P software and services company committed to serving the Oil and Gas in- dustry by creating intelligent products enabling shared information and processes across organizations. 3esi is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with offices in Europe, Latin America and the US. For more information, please visit www.3esi.com.


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