value Integrated upstream Planning & Reserves Webinar series 2.0

3esi-Enersight Webinar: Integrated Planning and Reserves

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Date(s) - July 13, 2017,
All Day MST


In the latest 3esi-Enersight webinar, “The Value of Integrated Upstream Planning & Reserves Management,” we will explore how the integration of planning and reserves data and workflows leads to better, more informed business decisions.

Two of the key factors that determine an upstream oil and gas company’s success are their reserves, the basis by which their value is derived, and their ability to make informed capital investment plans to unlock that value. Today these two workflows are often disconnected. The teams responsible for each of these functions operate independently and lack visibility into each other’s plans, data, constraints, and commitments.

Presented by Duncan McDonald, VP, Planning Products with 3esi-Enersight, this 30-minute webinar will look at this complex problem first hand and see how this disconnect of data and workflows could be hindering upstream operator’s efforts to drive shareholder value. And finally, we will discuss how the integration of planning and reserves can provide a unified view of a company’s assets, leading to increased efficiency and more informed decisions.

This webinar is taking place in three timezones on July 13th, 2017.

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