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Strategic Planning During Volatile Times – A 3esi Webinar (NA Time Zone)

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Date(s) - November 4, 2015,
9:00 am - 10:00 am MST


Strategic Planning During Volatile Times

Transforming Advanced Analytics into a Distinct Competitive Advantage

Increased uncertainty is the hallmark of volatile times.  It requires planners to be at their best—to consider a wider range of scenarios that can include alternate price levels and capital spending targets, as well as more strategic options regarding buying or divesting assets. Volatile times also bring cost cutting to the forefront. While necessary in times like these, cutting must be done correctly or it can damage a company’s performance potential long after the crisis has ended.

Today’s environment means there is less margin for error. Planners are finding it more difficult to “get it right” with the technology they have on hand.

What is needed to plan strategically in difficult times?  It starts with a willingness to explore alternative futures, good or bad, and the ability to understand what levers the company can pull in order to affect those potential outcomes, such as spending levels, debt levels, or capital allocation. It requires an evaluation system wherein scenarios can be rapidly generated, while taking into account the market, resource, price, and geopolitical factors which the company is unable to control. And it requires the innate ability to compare and interrogate these dissimilar scenarios with greater speed and perlustration than previously possible.

Companies that achieve this elevated insight into their corporate portfolios will make better decisions, avoid foolish ones, and ultimately develop a distinct advantage over competitors still relying on the systems and models of the past.

Join 3esi on November 4th at 10am (CDT -Houston) for our latest webinar titled “Strategic Planning During Volatile Times – Transforming Advanced Analytics into a Distinct Competitive Advantage”

During this 45 minute webinar, 3esi Vice President of Consulting Jim DuBois will present new ideas for portfolio modelling, leveraging advanced analytics to deliver greater insight into corporate portfolios. Discover a better way to reach an optimized solution and give your company a distinct competitive advantage in these volatile times.

This webinar is available in multiple time zones.  Register here for the EMEA timezone webinar – November 5th 10:00 am (GST – Dubai)


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