Integrated Planning for better A&D Decisions at NAPE 2018

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Integrated Planning for better A&D Decisions at NAPE 2018

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An Update on Demonstrating “Reliable Technology” – Where are We Now?

(SPE 179991)

Authors: Rod Sidle and Dr. John Lee

This paper presents a study of how the oil and gas industry has approached the demonstration of a “Reliable Technology” since the emergence of this as a formal reserves term in the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) modernized reserves regulations in late 2008. The paper summarizes the different technologies and the approach to reliability demonstration described in recent technical literature. It also investigates the target element of the reserves estimation procedure, such as expanding the Proved Area.

As industry seeks new technologies and approaches to demonstrating reliability, the status of how others have addressed these issues is valuable guidance. In providing both recent demonstration approaches and proposed technology, this paper provides a good reference on both what is currently being done to establish a proposed reliable technology and how this technology can be validate

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