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Download our White Paper: Using the SEC’s Reliable Technology Concept for Buy/Sell Transactions

Author: Rod Sidle, Fellow, 3esi-Enersight and SPE Distinguished Lecturer

Since the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published their “Modernization” of their oil and gas regulations, the industry has approached the concept of using Reliable Technology to support Proved Oil and Gas Reserves with some caution.  This paper looks back at the SEC guidance and offers an approach to demonstrating a Reliable Technology including specific examples and various applications where operators have published their view of a Reliable Technology. This paper will cover:

  • Making your acquisitions and selling opportunities viable

  • Quantifyinig the value of reduced uncertainty

  • Examples of documented reliable technology to prove resources are present

  • Capture value from a "reliable technology" from the buyer‘s or seller’s perspective

Rod SidleVisit the author, Rod Sidle, at the 3esi-Enersight booth #3647 for technical presentations or just to chat.

Download the Paper

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