Integrated Planning for better A&D Decisions at NAPE 2018

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Gain Critical Insights for Fast and Effective A&D Evaluations

Integrated Planning for better A&D Decisions at NAPE 2018

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Join us in booth 3647 for technical presentations designed to
help you accurately calculate asset value, and do it fast:

- Recognizing Portfolio Synergies to Increase the Value of Your A&D Transactions
- Credibility in selling “PUDs” - Do buyers believe?
-Trusting a 10-Minute A&D Evaluation

Paper Download: A Portfolio Management Approach to Assessing Acquisition and Divestiture Candidates

(SPE 71425)

Author: Paul Allen

The basic concepts behind portfolio optimization and asset diversification are widely recognized and understood, however application of these ideas has proven to be a bit more complicated. Many companies with highly sophisticated risking and economic modeling methodologies still rely on independent project evaluation, prescriptive evaluations (layering the asset in and out of an existing base), intuition, or luck when evaluating acquisition or divestiture opportunities. The justification for a particular divestiture or acquisition (or the rationale as communicated to the marketplace) may involve one or more of the following:

  • Positions the company for future strategic growth
  • Allows the company to exploit strengths
  • Positions the company for consolidation
  • Increases exposure to additional opportunities
  • Eliminates inefficiencies

While many companies may recognize the general benefits of a particular acquisition or divestiture, quantifying these benefits and accurately projecting the impact of a deal may be very difficult. This paper outlines a specific approach to evaluating acquisitions and divestitures in terms of portfolio value, business performance, and risk management. Examples and case studies will be used to demonstrate the benefits of a portfolio management perspective in assessing the relative worth of an asset.

We are happy to supply a limited quantity of papers during NAPE to help you gain insight on making the most effective A&D decisions. Please fill out some information on the right and we will send the paper directly to your inbox.