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Planning Solutions for
Proven Insights Across
Diverse Plays

Upstream Planning Solutions: Projects Overview

Different plays have totally unique risks and critical timing.

Oil and gas leaders trust 3esi-Enersight on projects worth more than a half trillion dollars. Clients in different parts of the world, and active in totally different types of plays partner with 3esi-Enersight because of the unique capabilities of the system to manage risk and support investment decisions, and our team’s expert guidance.

3esi-Enersight solutions for upstream planning are developed with a focus on planning and monitoring complex oil and gas plays including shale gas, shale oil, tight liquids, LNG, SAGD, offshore, EOR, CBM and other emerging unconventional projects as well as conventional development with high well counts.

Specialties Include

Shale Gas/Tight Oil

Optimize Development of Thousands of Wells, Production Constraints, Water, and Steam Capacity.

SAGD / Heavy Oil

Mastering the Variables: Steam Utilization, Pad Development Timing, Cost Management

Liquid Natural Gas

Find Opportunities for Efficiency Amid High Well Counts, Variable Reservoirs, Dewatering Complexity


Achieve True Capital Efficiency for Offshore Assets: Modeling and Calculating Return Beyond Simulation.


Mastering the Variables: EOR, Steam Flooding / CO2 Injection, Thermal Injection.

3esi-Enersight Products Are Used to Plan Petroleum Projects For Over 150 E&P Companies Around the World.

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Portfolio Optimization & Uncertainty Analysis

Improve Strategic Decision Making

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Better Decisions
Based On Data You Can Trust

Integrated Business
Planning & Economics

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Integrated Asset Development Software

Rigorous Evaluation
Right Decisions To Reach Asset Goals

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Integrated Capital Management

Making More Informed
& Effective Decisions

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Technical and Corporate Reserves

Integrated evaluation, forecasting, &
reserves management
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AFE and Readiness Workflows

Platform-wide AFE and RTD workflows

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