esi.manage Overview Video

esi.manage™ the leading Integrated Business Planning Solution for today’s Oil & Gas industry is helping companies to:

  • Bring Data Together from across their Organization
  • Create Better Business Plans
  • Mitigate Risk
  • and Make Better Business Decisions

Let us show you how in this quick overview video.

esi.schedule Overview Video

esi.schedule™ provides Oil & Gas companies with an automated approach to field development planning. Easily leverage type wells, facilities and other oil & gas investment opportunities and let esi.schedule™ automatically schedule your complex field development plans while taking into consideration multiple constraints ensuring your plans are both realistic and achievable.

Using esi.schedule™ companies can:

  • Quickly create multiple scenarios
  • Consider multiple constraints
  • Set multiple goals
  • Increase consistency and reduce errors
  • Achieve more accurate plans
  • Save time

Case Study: Sproule Associates Video

July 2011, A New Approach to Oil Sands Field Development Planning & Optimization
Oil Sands Heavy Oil Technologies Conference, July 2011 Calgary, Canada