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Oil and Gas

Business Planning Solutions

Achieve more consistent and predictable business outcomes

3esi-Enersight provides upstream oil and gas software solutions that help oil and gas companies improve their planning processes, make better decisions faster and achieve more consistent, predictable business outcomes.

We specialize in business planning technology and processes and recognize that different solutions are required to meet the unique challenges faced by different companies.

3esi-Enersight’s configurable petroleum planning software solutions support business planning and address the many unique challenges faced by upstream oil and gas companies.  3esi-Enersight’s professional services staff provide industry best practices together with the most appropriate software selection and configuration to meet each customer’s needs.

Solutions for Upstream Planning

Strategy & Portfolio

Develop strategic insights to achieve goals, increase value and minimize downside exposure

Business Planning

Make faster, more effective business decisions, based on data you can trust

Asset Development

Make the most competitive & cost effective decisions at every stage of asset development

Capital Management

Take ownership of your capital budget, and always know where you stand

Petroleum Economics

Petroleum Economics and Integrated Business Planning, together in a single solution

Reserves Management

Manage your reserves better, pinpoint opportunities and make profitable decisions like never before.